Why You Should Buy Frozen Fish


There are a lot of sayings that fresh fish is always better than frozen. However, it may not be true this time. When you go to supermarkets and buy fish, the first thing you do is either poke them and ask the counter person how fresh it is – simply ignoring those frozen ones because we assume they’re not “fresh enough”. See, here lies the problem, people need to know that there is nothing wrong when buying frozen fish, in fact, there’s a lot of good things to do so.


Modern freezing methods makes fishes in the frozen area better than those fresh ones. The reason is that fish are already frozen on boats, just seconds after they have been caught then stored in flash freezers that keeps the temperature far lower than of a typical freezer.


Most of fishes are delivered as frozen in the market even if it has a “fresh” tag on it. Since eighty percent of the seafood we eat are imported, most of them are frozen before they make it to local fish markets or store. Though reputable fishmongers will reveal this, some of them don’t.


Fresh Can Be Frozen

There are instances where you must buy frozen fish, but not all frozen fish are equally made. Some fish markets have tons and tons of fishes that are placed into styrofoam packs and thrown in the freezer. You may not want to buy that. The best frozen fish is vacuum-sealed or with a thick ice coating on it – a traditional method of freezing that protects the fish properly.



Frozen Fish Benefits

Frozen fish can be a better value than fresh ones and there are many good reasons to it such as their taste, price and accessibility. They are simply frozen at their peaks of freshness making their taste, nutrients and texture locked in. If they are properly sealed, it does not matter if they are thick, fillets, fatty ones or lean one.


When we talk about convenience, nothing best frozen fish. For example, after working whole day, you forgot to plan for dinner and you want to cook quickly. You won’t have to worry if you’re starving, those well-packed frozen fillets are your savior! You can easily cook the fish and fry them.


Freezing also prolongs the fish’s season, you can eat your summer catch in the middle of winter. And the best part in all of this is that frozen fish cost lesser (20%) than of those fresh ones! What a bargain?